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Things to Know About The Cordless Impact Driver as a Woodworking Drill

Every serious woodworking person is always looking for tools that will make jobs easier. The simpler the tools that are needed to do the job as well as making you use less effort is what make working in the shop worthwhile. A cordless impact driver drill is a must for any woodworking shop and is also handy for doing jobs around the home. Anyone that has the knack for DIY jobs and fix-it projects that need little or a lot of drilling will appreciate this tool.

What to Know about the Cordless Impact Driver

  • Lighter and smaller in size than the cordless drill
  • 3-4 times more torque than the cordless or electric drill
  • Works well on unscrewing fast locked screws and bolts
  • Protects screwheads from stripping, unlike the cordless or electric drill
  • Less manual power for jobs as the impact driver has a built-in power impact source
  • Great on jobs of bits less than ¾”/ not limited to the cordless or electric drill
  • Multi-adapter head for various size impact duty accessories
  • Does not bind while working with large diameter bits
  • Uses only accessories make for impact drivers

Cons about the Cordless Impact Driver

  • Because it is a precision tool it does not work well on blind or difficult to see jobs
  • Will damage accessories that are not made for them as the torque-speed overwhelms them
  • High impact noise, harsh on the ears
  • Because of automation, the 18 volts model will miss diagnosing jobs randomly

The above-mentioned plus and minuses on the cordless impact driver in comparison to the cordless or electric drill, although similar are quite different. The cordless drill is a typical drill but the cordless impact driver does the same and more. The impact driver has a built-in impacter that goes into hammer and anvil mode when it detects a difficult task during drilling. The system is so designed to automatically kick the rotational power into motion and the user does not have to put any manual force to complete the job. It may be classified as smart; however, although it will detect issues and adapt to the need, it slows the speed for impact. This is not a problem, as the job will be complete with the needed results anyway.

Deciding to buy a cordless impact driver does not mean you will throw your trusty drill into the trash. They still are needed for simple jobs that require a bit of standard drilling and short maintenance. The cordless impact comes in two sizes and depending on the job to be done you will find no other of its class. They are 10.8 and 12-volt models which are perfect for doing big projects in your woodworking shop. The drilling and screwing needed to complete the project, this tool will get you done much quicker and with less muscle strength. Smaller projects are easier to try with this unique tool and after you are familiar with the many stages of its capabilities, you may want to venture to more difficult ones.

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